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Our Projects

Optimum Energy Design serves a number of different industries. Our diverse portfolio of work includes several school districts, community colleges and University campuses, OSHPD and non-OSHPD healthcare projects, civic facilities, senior living, mixed-use and recreational facilities, office buildings as well as data centers and wireless facilities. Here are just a few of our keystone projects. Check out our gallery for some of our other unique projects,


El Cerrito
High School

Project Cost: $130,000,000

Square footage: 192,000

The reconstruction of El Cerrito High School demolished 196,000 square feed of outdated facilities and constructed 192,00 square feet to serve as the new educational environment for the schools 1600 students.

  Completion Date: December, 2008

Completion Date:
December, 2008

Chapman University Braden Hall

Project Cost: $33,500,000

Square footage: 70,030

The project consists of a four-story building of 302-bed dormitory and apartment-style housing over a single level podium parking garage. The facility also includes a 26,000 sq.ft. full-service dining hall with an 11,000 sq.ft. Conference facility, special guests suites, Alumni Center and Career Development Center above.

  Completion Date: November, 2007

Completion Date:
November, 2007

Los Angeles

New 15,000 facility for AT&T. The facility requires 100% redundant cooling system.  The facility was served by high density computer room HVAC systems with fully integrated controls. All HVAC systems were high efficiency DX systems with redundant components for reliability. All critical rooms were provided with integrated fire suppression systems.

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